Jordan Carver on Nudity

29 Aug

We sat down for an interview with our friend the virtual vixen Jordan Carver.  We wanted to talk to her about life in general, as well as her thoughts and feelings on nudity within the erotic internet model genre.


Good morning, Jordan.  Your are looking astonishingly beautiful today.  How are you doing?

Jordan Carver:

Ha!  Thanks.  I’m doing great.  I was in town doing a shoot for a new website so it was easy to run over here and do the interview.  I’m tired, but traveling always tends to wear me out.


Your modeling career seems to have really taken off in the last couple of years.  It seems like you are really in demand.

Jordan Carver

Yes.  I really feel lucky.  I’ve been in modeling for awhile, and I always dreamed I would be able to do it for a living.  Be a professional model so to speak.  But I never dreamed it would be this big of a deal.  I’m flying all over the globe, and I’m literally turning down more requests than I’m accepting.  There just isn’t enough time in the day.


How have things changed for you in the last few years?  Both professionally and personally?

Jordan Carver:

Oh, gosh.  They’ve changed a lot.  On the professional side, obviously I’m a lot busier.  Despite having increased my rates, the phone keeps ringing.  It’s almost like there’s a bit of a momentum effect in the industry, and after you get out there and get some exposure things sort of snowball.  I’m wondering if my popularity will sort of level off, or drop with some sort of backlash.  On the personal side of things, the substantial increase in the number of hours I work and travel has sort of taken a toll on my family and friends.  I have less free time for me, less free time for them too.


We’ve seen you do tons of implied nudity over the years, and I think we can all acknowledge a few slip-ups where you showed more than you intended.  But for the most part, you are still a non-nude model.  Tell us about that.

Jordan Carver:

Mmm, yeah.  The partial nudity thing is what I’m comfortable with.  As you probably know, when I do a photo or video shoot and I’m topless or sometimes even completely naked, it takes a little structure and strategy to keep from exposing more than the implied nudity limits allow.  Sometimes as you move from pose to pose, or from setting to setting or whatever, you aren’t able to keep everything covered up.  That’s just how it is.  If those slip-up’s are recorded on film or video, the photographer has always signed a contract agreeing to destroy the evidence, and/or not publish it.  Unfortunately, not everybody has scruples in this industry, and that’s how you get some of the slipups that you’re referring to.

We’ll have more of this Jordan Carver interview in the coming days.  Please check back with us, and contact us if you want to see the video.


Jordan Carver Rocks

28 Aug

Okay, alright, where to start?

I was going to teach myself some programming skills and buy a domain name and a hosting account, but then I stumbled across wordpress and I thought this is the perfect way to talk about my favorite topic until I’m blue in the face, and it’s all free!

Indeed, Jordan Carver is my favorite topic.  She is my ultimate muse, and I’m a fan in the sense of the “fanatic” part of the word.  Not obsessive in a way where I need medication and possibly hospitalization.  I just think she’s beautiful, and in the same way some guys follow the Oakland A’s,  I follow Jordan Carver.

She is really a fine person.  Maybe before long I will transcribe a few of her interviews or even upload them here in video format so you can see for yourselves.  You would think a girl that hot would have every reason to be really stuck up and snooty.  Not very down to earth, not very nice at all.  On the contrary, she is as sweet as your high school prom date.  She must be worth a fortune by now, after all the photo and video gigs she’s done the last few years.  So she is mega-hot and mega-rich, and yet she’s as easy to talk to as your preacher at church.

Eventually, we’ll also cover some of her photo and video sets, and we’ll go through in detail what some of them entail.  There is an artistic element present that you rarely find in internet models who own their own website.  I’ll have to be thinking about which one is my favorite set, and maybe we can cover that one before any of the others!